Sex Allocation was published in November (USA) / December (rest of the world) 2009 by Princeton University Press. It is number 44 in the Monographs in Population Biology series.

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"West has great command of a vast body of theory and empirical work, but this book does more than synthesize existing literature. West explains what has been accomplished, where the field has failed to clear things up, and what needs to be done. Anyone working on sex allocation can start with this book and get a firm grasp of the concepts, experiments, comparative observations, and key outstanding questions." -- Steven A. Frank, University of California, Irvine .

"This is a great book. It captures the excitement of sex-allocation research, the significant progress that has been made, and the areas that have been relatively neglected. West does a great job of showing the tight connection between evolutionary theory and empirical testing, and the ways both can mutually inspire each other. He deals with all the major issues and guides the reader through the entire field." -- Jacobus J. Boomsma, University of Copenhagen.


Daniel Warner, Integrative and Comparative Biology, 2010.
Suzanne Alonzo, Evolution, 2010.
R.A. Delgado, Choice.

Blurb from Back Page:

Sex Allocation
Stuart West

Recent decades have witnessed an explosion of theoretical and empirical studies of sex allocation, transforming how we understand the allocation of resources to male and female reproduction in vertebrates, invertebrates, protozoa, and plants. In this landmark book, Stuart West synthesizes the vast literature on sex allocation, providing the conceptual framework the field has been lacking and demonstrating how sex-allocation studies can shed light on broader questions in evolutionary and behavioral biology.

West clarifies fundamental misconceptions in the application of theory to empirical data. He examines the field's successes and failures, and describes the research areas where much important work is yet to be done. West reveals how a shared underlying theoretical framework unites findings of sex ratio variation across a huge range of life forms, from malaria parasites and hermaphroditic worms to sex-changing fish and mammals. He shows how research into sex allocation has been central to many critical questions and controversies in evolutionary and behavioral biology, arguing that sex-allocation research serves as a key testing ground for different theoretical approaches and can help resolve current debates about social evolution, parent-offspring conflict, genomic conflict, and levels of selection.

Certain to become the defining book on the subject for tomorrow's generation of researchers, Sex Allocation explains why the study of sex allocation provides an ideal model system for advancing our understanding of the constraints on adaptation among all living things in the natural world.

Stuart West is Professor of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Oxford.

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Monographs in Population Biology
Simon A. Levin and Henry S. Horn, Series Editors

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