Information For Potential Visitors: Sabbatical or Fellowships

There are a number of ways of getting money to come to Oxford.

If you are interested in coming to work in my group, then fellowships can be obtained in a number of ways:
(1) Oxford colleges offer Junior Research Fellowships (JRFs), which provide salary, accomodation, food and a tiny bit of research money. These are advertised in the Oxford University Gazette.
(2) National fellowship schemes are run by:  NERC, BBSRC and the Royal Society (The latter include both early career short schemes, such as Newton and Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships, as well as senior schemes such as University Research Fellowships).
(3) The EU have also started a scheme for fellows staying their own country, as well as the schemes for visitors from specific countries. The schemes for people to come to the UK are from other EU contries (Marie Curie Fellowships), but also from outside the EU (e.g. USA) - although navigating through the website beurocratic hell can be tricky.

If you are an established person wanting to spend sabbatical time here then funding can be obtained from the Leverhulme Trust, BBSRC, or by adding in money to cover this visit as part of a standard 3 year post-doc grant to NERC or BBSRC. Oxford colleges also offer short-term non-stipendary fellowships, which usually provide accomodation and food, and are advertised in the Oxford University Gazette.

NESCent may be a source of cash to fund sabbaticals from the USA.